About Dr. Geldwert

Dr. Josef J. Geldwert is a renowned Board-Certified Podiatric Surgeon with 40 years of expertise in foot care with concentrations in reconstructive foot surgery, innovative bunion repair, biomechanics, and sports injuries. Dr. Geldwert is a leader in the field of biomechanics and foot surgery. He uses video motion analysis, abnormal pressure analysis, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and digital radiography to evaluate and diagnose specific problems. He also utilizes Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, Musculoskeletal Laser Therapy, PRP, and Regenerative Medicine to treat problems ranging from plantar fasciitis to tendinitis and joint pain.

The practice specializes in treating chronic problems resulting from sports injuries and active lifestyles. “There are so many people today that can benefit from the latest podiatric technology. With these new advances, I can provide both a more comprehensive diagnosis along with treatment plans that are better tailored to the specific needs of my patients.” An active fitness enthusiast himself, Dr. Geldwert understands the importance of keeping healthy.

In addition to his extensive clinical and surgical training, Dr. Geldwert has been a medical authority to numerous professional teams. Dr. Geldwert has served as the Co-Medical Director of the New York City Triathlon, the Medical Director of the Hampton’s Marathon, the co-chief of lower extremity injuries for the New York City Marathon and a medical consultant to the NY Power professional Women’s Soccer Team, the Women’s Soccer World Cup, the NY Lizards professional Men’s Lacrosse Team, the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, and Women’s Professional tennis tournaments. Dr. Geldwert is currently serving on Scientific Advisory Committee, InnoCan Pharma, Israel. These experiences, coupled with his academic affiliations as a member of the Orthopedic faculty of the Mount Sinai Medical  Center and Surgical Department of Mount Sinai Beth Israel, have made Dr. Geldwert a recognized expert in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle problems. Dr. Geldwert has performed thousands of bunion corrections. He is also the co-inventor of Medsoles, a unique insole that helps to alleviate back and knee pain often associated with poor posture.

Dr. Geldwert knows that 4 out of every 5 Americans eventually suffer from foot problems. These problems can eventually cause discomfort and complications throughout the skeletal structure.

For additional information contact Dr. Geldwert directly at 212-996-1900