Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy (EPAT)
- New York City and Westchester County, NY

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation technology is an FDA-approved, non-invasive method of delivering pressure waves to stimulate natural circulation and healing in the body. Manufacturer trials showed that 80% of patients reported that their foot pain was either completely gone or significantly reduced within a month of therapy. Basketball stars Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah have undergone this treatment to get back to the game faster. We consider EPAT to be one of the most effective new technologies used in sports medicine today.

Don’t let heel pain get you down. Dr. Geldwert has been using EPAT treatment on New York City heel pain sufferers for years with great success. Learn how this non-invasive technology can help you get back to your regular activities and sports quicker.

When is EPAT recommended?

The most common applications for EPAT in our NY podiatric office include plantar fasciitis (heel pain), plantar fascia degeneration, and Achilles tendinitis. However, EPAT can be used for virtually any soft tissue injury in the foot, with possible applications for bone fracture complications as well.

Dr. Josef J. Geldwert has found that 87% of his plantar fasciitis patients responded to custom-made orthotic devices and a stretching program. For those few that do not find pain relief from conservative measures, he has found that the success rate jumps to 95% with EPAT. For the remaining 5% of patients with the most severe and persistent cases of heel pain, recommendations may include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, bipolar radio frequency therapy or endoscopic plantar fasciotomy surgery.

What is involved with an EPAT procedure?

EPAT is a quick procedure that takes just 15 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The podiatrist applies coupling gel before utilizing an applicator device that fires low-pressure shockwaves into the feet. One Massachusetts podiatrist said the sensation feels “like a little baseball bat hitting the tissue.” Similarly, a patient told the UK Daily Mail that it was “very odd – like someone bouncing a hard ball off the underside of my foot – but it didn’t hurt.”

What are the benefits of EPAT?

Our patients love the ease of treatment compared to old-fashioned immobilization or invasive surgery. One avid runner recalls her experience with EPAT saying, “After five treatments… I’m still running – the foot feels much better!” Some of the many benefits of EPAT include:

  • Painless treatment
  • No need for invasive incisions or anesthesia
  • No adverse side effects or risks
  • Results evident after one to three sessions spaced a few weeks apart
  • Patients can continue participating in sports and activities, without downtime
  • An affordable pain management therapy for chronic issues

Is there any downside to EPAT?

Some patients may experience minor discomfort for a few days after their treatment, particularly if they are on their feet all day or exercising. A few people reported redness or tingling the same day as their treatment, but it quickly subsides. Perhaps the only downside is that it is still considered “experimental” by some insurance providers.

How much does treatment cost and is it covered by insurance?

Insurance providers have been slow to approve coverage for shockwave therapy despite great clinical success. So far, major insurance carriers like Aetna cover EPAT for cases of chronic calcific tendinopathy of the shoulder. Insurers are investigating its application for podiatric uses like Achilles tendinopathy, delayed union, nonunion, stress fracture, heel spurs and hammertoe.

Our knowledgeable and friendly office staff is happy to discuss various payment options to make your pain relief treatment more affordable. Options to pay for affordable EPAT therapy include using credit cards, Medical Savings Accounts, CareCredit financing and cash installments. Be sure to ask about payment options.

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy in NYC

Dr. Geldwert is located in midtown Manhattan and Rye Brook. He has been using EPAT for over seven years with great results. Book your consultation to discuss the alleviation of foot pain through Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy today.