Orthotics for my son
September 24, 2021

Dr. Geldwert made the best orthotics for my son, once again. His work is incredible. And his “bedside” manner is delightful. I would never go to anyone else
Susan Wagner

This please deserve 100 star For past 3 year I went to three different foot doctors the did all kind of treatment to get red of my wart the couldn’t the last doctor I went to before I come here he told me he is the only one know how to treat the wart but I left his office after months of treatments 6 wart instead of one my food develop a calluses I was desperate I almost gave until I find Dr. Josef Geldwert he didn’t talk much he just immediately start very successful treatment with a lot of knowledge. He used swift microwave therapy didn’t take him long I was surprise myself how fast and easy the progress is going. He even came to his office to take his patients during the lockdown in the middle of the pandemic when other doctors office was close he risk himself a true hero he was doing it all by himself I admire him for that. he didn’t give up on me like other doctors he did the job and well done I’m finally after 3 years wart free calluses free. I can’t thank you more you guys are the BEST!!
Tameem Alkadhi

highly recommend Dr. Geldwert
November 5, 2020

Dr. Geldwert is attentive, courteous and knowledgeable. Dr. Geldwert fixed a toe problem that several other podiatrists tried to fix. His office is very responsive. I highly recommend Dr. Geldwert. His PA is also terrific.

Dr. Geldwert is THE BEST!
Melissa Francis

He took an individualized approach to my care based on my personal training goals which I really appreciated.

Cooper Kersey

He’s very knowledgeable
Dr. Geldwert helped me with my plantar fasciitis. He’s very knowledgeable and kind.

Ross Mintzer

fulfilled my expectations completely

Dr Geldwert came highly recommended and fulfilled my expectations completely. He is meticulous and methodical in his diagnosis and follow up and the office seems very professional and well run.

David Markowitz

very professional

I thought Dr Geldwert was very professional and very personable. He identified my problem quickly and explained my options for treatment very thoroughly.

Mary Buckley

He is excellent and always seems to get it right.

Over the years I have used Dr. Geldwert for issues with my feet, he is excellent and always seems to get it right. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Katherine Lai and she also was a true professional, spending quality time with me trying to diagnose a recent foot issue. I live in Staten Island, however, this practice is certainly worth the trip into Manhattan. I highly recommend these doctors without reservation and just so glad a friend told me about them.

Laura M.

Dr. Geldwert is an expert at making Orthotics.

After 25 Years I bought another pair. Expensive, but worth his expertise. He has helped me tremendously without surgery. He taught at Mt SINAI. And has an excellent background and experience. My mother and husband feel the same. He is outstanding and we are lucky to have him as one of our health providers.

Carol Super

I highly recommend the center for podiatric care and sports medicine.
My experience has been excellent for many years. Dr Geldwert is an incredibly good specialist who has prevented 2 surgeries by using custom orthodics. As a lifelong runner the orthodics overcame pain to allow me to continue running. Also my wife had an excellent experience with surgery by Dr Lei. I highly recommend the center for podiatric care and sports medicine.

Robert Felsenthal

Definitely recommend!

Dr. Geldwert fitted me with custom athletic inserts and my runs have been painfree since! Definitely recommend!

Flynn Mclean

I highly recommend Dr. Gelgwert.

He helped my daughter who is a ballet dancer with her feet issues and got her back to dancing. Very professional and knowledgable. He takes time to talk to his patients in order to help them.

Maria L.

I would strongly recommend this group.

I have been going to The Center For Podiatric Care And Sports for twenty years for various foot and joint problems. Dr Geldwert is attentive and has alleviated pain and debilitative issues over the years. I would strongly recommend this group.

Malcolm Drummond

He listens and makes the right decision.

I saw Dr Geldwert yesterday for pain in my left foot that I hurt a year ago and I have been in pain since then. So far I am doing better. Dr Geldwert helped me 2 years ago when I broke my foot. He listens and makes the right decision.

Ita D.

Dr. Geldwert was highly recommended by my friend and for good reason.

Eight months ago, I had painful bunions and was putting off treatment/surgery for years. With 3 young children home…having surgery seemed daunting. Dr. Geldwert was highly recommended by my friend and for good reason. I enjoy running and it was important for me to find a doctor that understood my passion. Dr. Geldwert is an athlete himself…he treats athletes– he gets it. We devised a plan that worked best for my lifestyle. And, within 7 weeks of surgery, I was running again. Even better…after only 8 months, I ran the NYC marathon- 26.2 miles! My feet were the LEAST of my worries throughout training and the actual race. I am forever grateful to Dr. Geldwert and his amazing staff. From soup-to nuts- they are truly BEST IN CLASS.

Nina M.

Dr. Geldwert is a miracle worker.

Dr. Geldwert is a miracle worker. I have had foot problems since 2008 and saw various doctors who gave me multiple different diagnoses. My foot was ok for a few years, but got a lot worse in 2011. After consulting with a few other doctors and having a number of unsuccessful treatments, I found Dr. Geldwert. We ultimately decided that foot surgery (to remove my neuormas) was our best option. The results were great. Unfortunately with feet, there is no quick fix or miracles, but Dr. Geldwert came pretty close. I no longer have to live in fear that walking too much or wearing a tight shoe is going to result in weeks/months of pain!

Jamie Brawer

Dr. Geldwert is fantastic!

Curbie Cohen

Dr. G is the best! I had serious foot problems when I came to him.

I had seen countless doctors who gave me mediocre treatments and diagnosis. Although I ended up having to get surgery, I would not have let any other doctor perform the surgery. Not only was he great, but he had a wonderful team at Mount Sinai (his Anesthesiologist was awesome!). Dr. G does not accept insurance, but I had out of network benefits which really helped!

Jamie B.

Dr Geldwert is very thoughtful and gives a lot of his time to solving my feet issues.

He’s intelligent and caring and friendly and tries hard to find a solution. His office runs on time which I appreciate greatly. Highly recommend.

Susan L.

Dr. Geldwert and his staff have certainly preserved & extended my quality of life.

I have had various foot problems over the past 20+ years involving foot surgery and the use of orthotics which Dr. Geldwert had custom made. More recently I had a toenail infection which was cured by various therapies. Dr. Geldwert and his staff have certainly preserved & extended my quality of life. I have no hesitation in recommending The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine

Malcolm D.

The surgeons are top notch.

I had bunion surgery done on BOTH feet at the same time. The surgeons are top notch. I healed beautifully and had no problems at all. I highly recommend this surgical team. Dr. Aliza Erber

Aliza Erber

I Can Hike Again.

Dr. Geldwert has always addressed my many foot problems with with reassuring calm and expertise. Don’t know how I would able to do demanding hiking and exercising with out him and his staff. Generally it is easy to make an appointment and get help.

Sheila Samton

I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Geldwert.

I saw Dr. Geldwert and had major surgery on both my feet (each took over 3hrs). There were complications in my surgery that could not be seen by X-Ray so it took longer then expected on the first foot and on the second (done a few months later) they were ready to go. I am shocked at a few of the reviews of him. He explained every detail to me of what was going to be done, and listened to me when I told him of all my concerns and discussed with me what needed to be done and what would be done if I had the surgery. He spoke to me about what would be required post surgically. We discussed all pros and cons and he listened carefully- he didn’t push anything and all decisions were mine. He saw me exactly on time and spoke to me for around 20 minutes. He encouraged me to really take my time and think about everything. Dr. Geldwert has an X-ray machine on premises so he can go over everything necessary pre-surgery and monitor the the recovery immediately while you are on your visit. I brought my very anxious mother with me before the pre-op visit and he spoke to us both and re-explained to her everything so even she felt better after seeing him. We both honestly liked him and on my post-op visits I find him very personable. In terms of surgery, he has an assistant whose job it is to ease your way through appointments, choosing dates and times, and in general preparing you and all the necessary paperwork, etc. Having also had spinal surgery I can’t tell you what a huge help this is. I’m not just saying good things about himShow more

A S.

Dr. Geldwert and his colleagues are great.

Dr. Geldwert and his colleagues are great. They spent quality time with me to answer question before and after surgery. They took the time to understand what I was looking for as an outcome and have worked with me on recovery post surgery. The office staff is professional, friendly and courteous. Appointments are on time and fit a working person’s schedule. I had a great experience and very successful surgery and would recommend Dr. Geldwert and his practice without hesitation

Lisa B.

i have been a patient of Dr. Geldwert and Dr Lai for many years.

I had past surgeries with another doctor that really left my feet unsatisfactory…thick scars,slanted toes etc.. They had to place an implant in one of my toes because the first doctor took out so much bone the toe became floppy. I wish i had come to Dr Geldwert from the beginning. Dr Geldwert and Dr Lai are highly recommended by me. They take their time to explain and answer your questions. Thank you Dr Geldwert and Dr Lai for all your great work!!

Amy L.

Very smart man.

I am an avid runner and biker when I was diagnosed with the very ugly and very painful “MORTON’S NUEROMA”. Prior to seeing Dr. G, I saw various doctors who were unable to “prescribe”, I’ll say, the proper course of treatment. After my first visit with Dr.G, I scheduled surgery. He was, and is, incredible. He made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions along the way. The feeling of running a mile without any pain is euphoric! I would recommend him to absolutely anyone. I went in as a patient and am leaving as a friend. Very smart man.

The Hammer Grandilli

I am changing my 4 stars to 5.

This morning Dr. Geldwert operated on me for more than 2 hours. He fixed my bunion, my hammer toe and my bunionette. 12 hours later and I am feeling no pain. And, with a surgical boot I can get around just putting pressure on my heal. I have heard so many stories of post surgical pain, needing a scooter to get around, using the outmoded method of placing temporary pins in hammer toes. Dr. Geldwert understands athletes, uses the best procedures, and has a gentle hand with his knife. I am finally finished with foot surgery, but I recommend him to all my friends.

Susan L.

You will be in good hands with Dr. Geldwert.

Dr. Geldwert operated on my second toe on my left foot in February, and is about to do my bunion, second toe, and taylor’s bunion on my right foot. The first thing to note is that foot surgery is by definition not easy. What I like about Dr. Geldwert is that he is incredibly experienced in these surgeries, and has worked on many athletes, with great success. I was pleasantly surprised by the pain free nature of my February surgery, and the result was quite good. The follow up care has been terrific. I wouldn’t have my second foot done, which will be more complicated, if I didn’t have the utmost confidence in Dr. Geldwert. If you have a bunion or a hammer toe, and are suffering great discomfort, you will be in good hands with Dr. Geldwert. I tell everyone not to have foot surgery for cosmetic purposes only, but, if your feet are giving you pain, literally, then you will be happy with Dr. Geldwert.

Susan L.

I have been a patient of this office for 15 years (and they can’t get rid of me! )

They take the time to answer all my questions. When i first went to see Dr Geldwert, i had surgery from another podiatrist which left me with horrible results and i was embarrassed to show my feet. Dr Geldwert and his associate Dr. Catherine Lai had to give me corrective foot surgery . My results were great and i wish i would have found them sooner! I refer them to everyone i know that needs great, professional foot care!!

Amy L.